The Saint Vincent de Paul organization here at Prince of Peace is in dire need of new members to fill leadership roles, volunteers, and New Vincentian members to help the families in need inside and outside of the parish.

We help parishioners and non-parishioners alike, though the help differs with our current resources. For Parishioners, we help towards one utility bill every month and food bags as needed. For non-parishioners, we help towards one utility bill every six months and food bags as needed. We see anywhere from 15-20 families each Monday by appointments from 11am to 1pm.

An average Monday would consist of prayers with the members of SVDP and the families in need. Our volunteers then help check-in families asking for all the information we need to help them and interview them to hear their stories. At times we are even a shoulder to cry on. Volunteers also help with preparing bags of food, helping find clothing or other donated items for  these families, and carrying these items out to cars.

Every second Monday of the month, we ask that our members of SVDP stay for a meeting to discuss any new or old business, food drives, monthly collections, upcoming programs such as the Thanksgiving and Christmas program and we are looking for a Spiritual advisor to strengthen of what we do and not forget what we represent.

Our leadership positions include President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Most of these positions will need to be replaced this year ( Vice President and Secretary) due to people holding these positions for too long. If  not, we will be forced to close our doors in the near future. You do not need prior experience for any of these positions aside from treasurer. We work as a team to get the job done and will help you understand these roles.

If God is calling you to come join our team as a volunteer please reach out to Maria Rauch to fill out a background check and complete the Safe Haven Program. Becoming a Vincentian member, you will also need to contact Maria and do the aforementioned items along with being an active member of any Catholic church and complete the Frederic Ozanam Orientation. For any questions, please contact Simone Imber (270-317-9550) or