Celebrating the Paschal Mystery: Holy Week in the Roman Liturgy
Join Fr. Smith for a 4-week lecture series that will best prepare you to enter Holy Week – in Croghan Hall on Thursdays at 7p in March. The weekly topics include 1 March on Palm Sunday, 8 March on Maundy Thursday, 15 March on Good Friday and 22 March on the Paschal Vigil.

This week’s topic is Good Friday (15 March at 7p in Croghan Hall)! All are encouraged to attend in person. Where attending in person is not possible, join us on Facebook Live! Here is the slide deck! Expect to learn about:

  • The Name of the Day and the Name of the Chief Liturgy of the Day
  • Theological Considerations About the Day
  • Historical Development of Good Friday’s Mass of the Presanctified
  • Vestments and Color Schemes, Time
  • Extraliturgical Devotions on Good Friday
  • Mass of the Catechumens or Liturgy of the Word
  • General Intercessions
  • Adoration of the Cross
  • Liturgy of the Presanctified, Properly Speaking
  • The Easter Sepulchre
  • Some Observations About the Theological Import of the Reforms of Good Friday

The class Syllabus is posted on our website and recommended reading is included within it.