Please check this post regularly for Hurricane Florence-related updates! As always, make the best decision for your own safety. Reminder: if the campus is closed, it is closed without exception for ALL (even if you have a key or a code!)

  • this weekend’s bulletin is subject to changes below (click here for bulletin)
  • Due to the forecasted impact of Hurricane Florence, and the unpredictable track of the storm, Bishop Robert E. Guglielmone has granted a dispensation from Sunday Mass obligation on Sept. 15 (Vigil) and Sunday, Sept. 16, for all Catholics living in the Diocese of Charleston. This dispensation is given since the state of emergency may prevent them from getting to their church or conditions pose a danger to their safety. Even though the obligation has been lifted, we will be watching the situation for Confessions and Masses closely. Please remember that the priests live off campus in a flood prone area, and so we also have to be prudent!
  • all Sunday Masses will be LOW this weekend (no choir)
  • Religious Education Classes & CYO are cancelled on Sunday, 16 September
  • the Adoration Chapel will close Saturday, 15 September at 7.45a and re-open on Tuesday, 18 September after the 7a Mass
  • the PETER PAN performance for Friday evening (7p) will remain the same.  The Saturday performance will be changed to 10:30a with the cast party right after the performance.
  • each teacher at our parish school has been asked to create a packet of work for each student.  These packets were sent home on Thursday, 13 September.  The work should be completed by the student on Monday, if school is cancelled due to the hurricane.