We’re celebrating BIG this week as part of National Catholic Schools Week! Did you know there are over 6,000 Catholic schools in the country? One of the lesser known things about Catholic schools is that they boast a 99% high-school graduation rate—with 86% going to a four-year college, nearly twice the 44% rate of public schools. Learn, serve, lead and succeed in our K3 – 8th grade award-winning programs!  Call Mrs. Marianne Tully, Interim School Principal, at 864.331.2145 or email marianne.tully@popcatholicschool.org to learn more!

Below is our schedule of events! And, from noon on Tuesday, 29 January thru noon on Wednesday, we’re joining as a recipient the national Day of Giving. Prayerfully consider making a gift to our parish school to help ensure that all families who choose a Catholic school education can continue to receive value, faith-filled and quality academic formation for their children. Your gift will be put toward the area of greatest need in our school community and gifts of any size are greatly appreciated. On social media, we’ll announce power hours with special matching opportunities! Follow us on Facebook (facebook.com/princeofpeacetaylors). Thank you for your support of Catholic school education. The following link will be live only during the 24-hours of the giving campaign: