As of 24 January 2020, our parish has received 178 gifts totaling $721,855 (over a 5 year campaign) which is 55% of the $1.32M target set by the Bicentennial Campaign.

Over 5 years, 50% of funds given within the Bicentennial Campaign will be returned to the parish. Here are the parish projects in mind:

It’s not too late to give!

Many of you have inquired about the process for making payments so we wanted to provide you this update:

  1. If you made a pledge, you may have received a Pledge Reminder notification, This is not a bill; it is simply a reminder notice, Payments may be made on the schedule that best suits you, If you have any questions re­garding this reminder, you may call the
    Anne Durney at the Diocese at 843-261-
    0437 or
  2. Parishioners who set up pledges that are not credit cards or direct debit payments will receive reminders with a pre-addressed return envelope at the schedule selected. Payments will be mailed to Catholic Community Foundation of South Carolina, Bicentennial Campaign Office, PO Box 31257, Charleston SC 29417.
  3. If you provided information for automatic credit card payment or bank withdrawal, those payments are being processed on or around the 15th of the month according to the schedule you requested, You will not receive monthly pledge reminders or return envelopes,
  4. In case you still want to make a pledge, you can always call Anne Durney at 843-261-0437, or the Bicentennial Office at (854) 222-3994.