Our normal schedule of Wednesdays 5-6p and Saturdays 3.30-4.30p. In addition, the following are added for Advent:

  • Sunday, 17 Dec 7.30-9p
  • Monday, 18 Dec 5-7p
  • Tuesday, 19 Dec 7-9a, 11a-2p, 5-9p
  • Wednesday, 20 Dec 7-9a, 11a-2p, 5-9p
  • Thursday, 21 Dec 7-9a, 11a-2p, 5-9p
  • Friday, 22 Dec 5-7p
  • Saturday, 23 Dec 11a-2p & 3.30-4.30p

Confession before Christmas is encouraged in Catholicism to purify the soul and embrace the spiritual renewal symbolized by Jesus’ birth. It allows believers to reflect, seek forgiveness, and reconcile with God, fostering a deeper connection to the essence of Christmas. By acknowledging shortcomings and receiving absolution, one enters the season with a cleansed spirit, ready to embrace the significance of Christ’s arrival. It embodies the spirit of repentance and prepares the heart to fully appreciate the transformative message of hope, love, and redemption that Christmas represents, fostering a meaningful and spiritually fulfilling celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.