All Souls day

All Souls Day Details

Envelopes: All registered active households receive 2 envelopes for All Souls’ Day in the Sept/Oct. envelope packet. One is for the All Souls Day offertory and the other is to write on the front the names of your beloved deceased. Please complete and drop the envelope in any collection during the month of October so that those names will be placed on the altar of remembrance throughout the month of November.

Candles: Every year for All Souls’ Day, we place a candle on the altar of St Joseph in honor of all those who have died from our parish in the past year. You may pick up the candle of your family member from the parish office 1 December-1 January.

White roses:  We will have a vase of white roses for all miscarried babies and a single red rose for all aborted babies.

Board of Remembrance: We will have a Board of Remembrance at the St Joseph’s altar, which will be set up as a Requiem Altar for the month of November. You may bring copies of photos of your loved ones to pin to the board. At the end of the month of November, the board will be taken down and the pictures collected and stored in the Parish Office.

Reading of Names: Contact the parish office with the name of your loved on who has died since All Souls’ Day 2020 (2 November 2020) so they can be read aloud before the 7p Mass. If your loved one had a funeral at POP in that time period, the name is already recorded.

The All Souls’ Novena will be in the “How to Help send Souls to Heaven “ packet that will be in the bulletin the weekend of 24 October.

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