Parishioner Life: Adults

Perpetual Adoration Chapel

Referred to as “the secret engine room of the parish” by Father Smith, our Perpetual Adoration Chapel is open 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.  Adorers are always needed. You can help by signing up for one of the hours that does not have someone permanent adoring, or sign  up for another hour that works for you. If you are unable to commit to an hour a week, consider volunteering as a substitute adorer for others.

Hours that need filled are listed in the bulletin.

St. Cecilia Choir

Principal choir for the 10a Mass on Sundays and Solemnities

Weekly rehearsal on Wednesdays, 7.00p

Repertoire covers a variety of musical style periods

Sings for liturgies September through May

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Your Mass Schedule?

Prince of Peace offers Masses in both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Form. Our complete Mass schedule is found in our bulletin.

What Time Are Your Confessions?

Our Confession schedule is found in our bulletin.

How Do I Schedule a Mass Intention?

Contact Maria Rauch at 864.331.3901 to schedule an intention or visit our page here.

Do You Have Eucharistic Adoration?

We have a Perpetual Adoration Chapel open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Adorers are always needed. Find out more by visiting this page.

What Time Are the Parish Offices Open?

The Parish Office is open 9a-4p Monday – Thursday and 9a-Noon on Fridays. The Offices are closed on most Civil Holidays and Holy Days.

How Do I Submit a Bulletin Request?

If you wish to have something published in our bulletin, please send the write up at least two weeks in advance to:

How Do I Advertise My Business at Prince of Peace?

You can advertise in our Parish Bulletin. Ad set up and payment is handled through Diocesan Publications. Please contact our sales representative Greg Duncan at

Sacramental FAQs

How do I contact a priest in the event of a medical emergency, or arrange a visit from a priest for someone who is sick and shut in?

If you or a family member are experiencing a medical emergency and require the Anointing of the Sick immediately, please call the Parish Office at 864.268.4352 between the hours of 9a-4p Monday-Thursday or 9a-Noon on Friday. If you have a medical emergency after hours, please call 866.456.2956 and one of our priests will be notified.

If you need to arrange a visit for a parishioner who is sick and shut in and desires to receive Communion on a regular basis, please contact the Parish Office at 864.268.4352.

I am interested in getting married at Prince of Peace, what do I do?

Couples who want to be married at Prince of Peace must contact the Parish at least 6 months in advance of desired wedding date. All pre-nuptial paperwork and requirements must be met before wedding date can be set in stone. Weddings are permitted in the Ordinary Form and Extraordinary Form at 11a or 1p on most Saturdays of the year with the exceptions of the penitential seasons of Advent and Lent, Holy Days of Obligation and civil holiday weekends. For complete information and guidelines, visit our Sacraments page.

I need to arrange a funeral for a family member, what do I do?

In the event of the death of a family member who is a parishioner, please notify the Parish Office at 864.268.4352 as soon as possible to discuss funeral arrangements. To aid in planning a funeral please read our Funeral Planning Booklet.

I am interested in converting to Catholicism, do you have a program?

Adults who wish to learn more about the Catholic Faith are welcome to attend our RCIA classes which usually begin the Tuesday following Labor Day at 7p in Croghan Hall.The classes are for non-Christians, non-Catholics or Catholics who want to deepen their knowledge of the Church. Those who decide to come into full communion with the Catholic Church will receive all their Sacraments at the Easter Vigil. For more information, contact the Parish Office at 864.268.4352.

How do I begin the process for an annulment?

Contact Deacon Bob Smith at 908-7047 to schedule an appointment to begin the process.  You must have a notarized copy of your divorce decree, a notarized copy of your marriage license and an updated, sealed copy of your Baptismal Certificate. For more information on the annulment process in the Diocese of Charleston, visit the Tribunal Website.

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